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The essential guide to paying for long term care.

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About The Book

When an aging loved one suddenly needs long-term care, families are often emotionally and financially unprepared for the road ahead. This essential guide gives you a comprehensive overview of the senior care industry so you and your family can make informed decisions. You’ll find valuable insights, practical advice and step-by-step strategies to help you define your assets, identify available financial resources, and make the best choices about your loved one’s care.


Discover options for funding long-term care
Evaluate staying at home vs. moving into a care community
Understand the range of senior living options
Strategize a successful transition into care
Ensure their loved one’s safety and companionship
Cope with the emotional journey

Using this guide as a roadmap will help make this transition less of a mystery so that you can focus on supporting your loved one through this process. Don’t miss the free resources and downloadable guides at

What’s inside

Purpose: Here to Help You and Your Family

Although this book is largely written for the adult family, I am strongly supportive of seniors who wish to maintain their own autonomy. Seniors should always be included in decisions about next steps in their life whenever possible. This book offers you planning, ideas, and a roadmap that provides support and reduces time and stress when a parent or loved one needs senior care. Families and seniors are often ill-prepared for the transition not only emotionally but also financially, as many are unaware of how much care costs. Then there are the logistics: What do you do first? What are the options? Who can help? With this book’s guidance, you can have confidence and peace of mind in the decisions ahead.

I just wasn’t ready for my stepfather Tom’s transition into long- term care, emotionally or logistically. I was even less prepared for the financial aspect of the journey.

I didn’t know what assets my family had to pay for Tom’s care. I didn’t know how to evaluate in-home care vs. long-term care. I didn’t know that Medicare would only cover a fraction of our expenses.

I didn’t know how to apply for veterans benefits or if Tom even qualified. I didn’t know how to handle the house. I didn’t know how to research senior care options or where to start. I didn’t know what type of care would be ideal for Tom. I didn’t know how to determine which care community was right.

Simply put, I didn’t know enough to know what to ask. My experience is not unique: It echoes that of millions of families across the country. The Paying For Long-Term Care Process Transitioning a loved one into senior care is often emotionally exhausting for families who may not be sure where to start, especially when a loved one needs care immediately.
Following the Paying For Long-Term Care Process will provide clarity and direction for families navigating the transition to senior
care. Use this process to assess your loved one’s care needs, define your financial baseline, learn the financial options available to you, select the best care option, and transition your loved one to care.

• Find an overview of care costs and options and learn how to compare them, as well as industry resources
• Learn the best way to search for care to save time and prevent unnecessary stress
• Understand your funding options and discover resources you may not have realized were available
• Utilize tips on coping with the emotional aspect of the journey, having important conversations with your loved one or parent, and on how to get the entire family onboard.

Once the decision is made and the finances are settled, a new journey begins: the transition. You’ll learn how to make the transition go smoothly for your loved one or parent, and the entire family. Lastly, we’ll discuss healthy aging and the value in planning ahead. Most of us are guilty of taking our own health for granted.

Here are tips on preventative measures you can take to extend your independence while also making sure you’re prepared for the future.

This book is committed to empowering families with information and resources to help you make informed decisions and get your loved one the care they need as quickly as possible. After you go through this experience with your parent or loved one, you’ll have an entirely different outlook on aging and future care. And so will your aging loved one: Remember to include them in the planning process as much as possible. The ultimate goal is to remove some of the mystery and confusion involved with navigating senior care so that you can  focus on being the loved one, not the caretaker.
There is only so much that can fit in a book, and it’s impossible to cover every available option for your loved one’s care. Throughout the book, I’ll reference many trusted resources you can find online to help you on your journey.


Be sure to visit, where you can find the latest information, guides, and free resources to help make your journey smoother and less stressful.





Our mission is to empower families with information and resources to help them pay for senior care. We’re here to help you understand your options, discover untapped financial resources, and help you feel less alone during a stressful time. The information, tools and guides are intended to help you make better informed decisions and get your loved one the care they need as quickly as possible. Our goal is to remove the mystery and confusion involved with navigating senior care so that you can focus more on being the loved one and less on being a caregiver.

About the author.

Ben Rao is an author, serial entrepreneur, business coach, philanthropist and senior care advocate who lives in Lee’s Summit, Missouri (outside Kansas City, MO).

Ben experienced first-hand the emotional and financial struggle that families face when he was unexpectedly confronted with the reality of transitioning his own father into senior care. He was challenged by the lack of direction and resources available for a process that nearly all of us will eventually need to go through. That experience inspired Ben to use his personal and professional experience in the long-term care industry to help families transition their loved ones into senior care.

Ben enjoys traveling, biking, hiking, and outdoor adventures – he tries to visit at least two national parks every year. He lives with his wife, Rhonda, and their two children, Maddy and Charlie, in a renovated historic building that was once the Lee’s Summit Hospital and the Dayton Hotel in Downtown Lee’s Summit. He also developed Lee’s Summit’s first entrepreneurial incubator and shared office space in a formerly vacant post office. Ben works there alongside his trusty sidekick, Charlie dog, a border collie who has gone to the office with him every day for the last 10 years.

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