Researching Senior Living Options

Download a Printable Care
Community Comparison Worksheet


Step 4 – Select: Researching Senior
Living Options

From where to begin to what questions to ask, choosing a care community can feel like an overwhelming decision. You can make the process much easier by creating a plan to stay organized and by understanding the elements that factor into finding the right community.

It’s important to arrange for a tour of each community – preferably twice (once during the day and once at night). One of these tours should include a meal so that you can assess the dining program. Once you’ve settled on 2 or 3 communities, you’ll want to compare them against the same criteria. Ask questions and take pictures if necessary.

Download a Printable Care Community Comparison Worksheet

Narrow Your Options

Some of the questions you should be asking as you narrow down your options include:


What is the resident to staff ratio (during the day & at night)?
What level(s) and types of care are provided?
What training and qualifications do staff members have?


Is occupancy high or low?
How clean is the community?
How is the surrounding neighborhood?


What types of activities are offered?
What amenities are available?
What’s the dining program like?


What are the monthly costs?
What services are add-ons?
What are the payment options?

Download a Printable Care Community Comparison Worksheet

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